Thursday, September 23, 2010

Low Country Boil

Fall is right around the corner. I can not wait for the cool air, the light breeze, and the beautiful colors of changing leaves all around. Right now in Atlanta, it feels as if Fall will never arrive. It's still hot, still humid, and still stifling without air conditioning. Though I know that in only a few short weeks, I will be wearing my sweaters and carving pumpkins and drinking hot chocolate reveling in my favorite season.

While this summer has been far too hot and humid for my taste so far, I felt like I needed to get my spirits up and send summer off right. What better way to celebrate summer than with a traditional low country boil. The delicious blend of potatoes, onions, corn, carrots, and shrimp mixed with the overwhelming mixture of spices cannot be recreated any other way.

I had my good friend R. teach me to make a Low Country Boil the good old fashioned southern way. According to R., there is no other way. He has been making this dish for years and has the timing down to a science. Even though we scaled the recipe down to feed four instead of 40, it still came out wonderful. All you need is a large stock pot, lots of newspapers, and hungry people.

Low Country Boil
3/4 pound carrots
4 red potatos
1 pound smoked sausage (I used polska keilbasa - usually andoilli is used)
1 vadailla onion
1.5 pounds shrimp
2 ears sweet corn
1 package Zataran's seafood seasoning
Old Bay seasoning
1 small lemon

Cute the peeled carrots and sausage into three inch long pieces. Cut the onion and potatoes into fourths. Cut the corn into half. Boil a pot full of enough water to cover all of the ingredients. If needed, have an extra pot of boiling water on the side ready to add if the water does not cover.


  1. I grew up on the Gulf Coast (30 minutes from Galveston!), so I love shrimp boils/crawfish boils! This looks so good!!!

  2. Thank you so much! I feel like the fresh ingredients really make this dish amazing. I'm sure you grew up eating the freshest seafood around. I'm so jealous!