Saturday, July 31, 2010

Color Me Blue

(dress - J. Crew, sweater - NY&Co, belt - thrifted, heels - Target, necklace - gift)

It has been unbearably hot in the south this summer. With 100 degree days the norm, it has taken a lot of creativity and layers to be able to dress comfortably for my internship. This light, airy dress is perfect for the summer heat and the sweater makes it work appropriate (for certain offices that is). I also found everything but the shoes in a thrift store by my house this summer. Just more proof that you never know what treasurers you find unless you take the time to look!

I also got to experience the trials of taking my own pictures this morning. There was the wobbly camera propped up because I don't have a tripod. There was the 10 seconds I had to press the button and run into position. There was the unbearable heat even though it was early in the morning. This resulted in many pictures like this.

This combined with many blurry pictures or even a lovely picture of the tree. I'm going to be happy when my internship ends, I return to school, and my period of living alone in a strange city is over if only so that I can get a better photographer than a picnic table.

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